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ETSA Meter Box Lock

Seacliff murder sparks security surge

LOCKSMITHS have been forced to increase orders of special ETSA meter box locks after selling out in the wake of the murder of Seacliff woman Anne Redman.
Police said Mrs Redman, 87, and several of her neighbours had their ETSA meter boxes tampered with before the incident, cutting her power. Following Mrs Redman’s murder, police encouraged the elderly to improve their home security through installing an ETSA meter box lock, sensor lighting and security screen doors.

Australian Locksmiths can install an ETSA meter box lock (a hasp and staple) to your meter box to secure it properly. We will make the lock suit the ETSA Master key and give you an individual key or, in some cases, make it the same key as your house! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean ETSA can get in to your house, it just means that you won’t need to keep an extra key just to open your meter box, clever!

If your meter box is behind a gate, and the lock on the gate is compatible, we can also change it to suit the ETSA master key.

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