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Locksmith Hardware Supplies

Australian Locksmiths can supply and install a wide variety of locksmith hardware supplies from commercial grade automatic door closers and door furniture to emergency key safes and blocker plates.

This is just a small sample of locksmith hardware supplies we stock, if you don’t see it here please Contact Us.

  • Toilet Indicator
  • Bolt Blocker Plates
  • Door Stop
  • Flush Bolt
  • Lever Plate Furniture
  • Narrow Style Lever Handle
  • Old Style Mortice Lock
  • Old Style Mortice Lock Furniture
  • Panic Exit Device
  • Push and Pull Plates
  • Skeleton or Panic Bolt
  • Scarplate
  • Barrel Bolt
  • Lockable Key Cabinets
  • GE Key Safe
  • Master Key Safe
  • Yale Key Safe
  • Abus Key Safe
  • Abus Door Knob Key Safe
  • Necked Bolt
  • Hasp and Staple
  • Male Toilet Sign
  • Female Toilet Sign
  • Prefabricated Lock Boxes
  • Automatic Door Closer
  • Pad Bolt
  • Heavy Duty Lockable Bolt
  • Heavy Duty Double Door Bolt
  • Floor Anchor
  • Cash Boxes
  • Lockable Conduit Cap

Restricted master key systems

Since Adam & Eve were banished to live on Earth according to the Bible, mankind has placed the highest premium on security. We may have ample food & water, but if our security is compromised our day to day living can be a nightmare. When prehistoric man lived in caves, he was always conscious of his surroundings, & made every effort to protect himself & his loved ones. Our security is not limited only to protect ourselves from undesirables & predators, our security can be compromised by our own carelessness. The basic nature of human beings have not changed over the thousands of years we have thread on Earth. Prehistoric man rolled back a large boulder, covering the mouth of his cave, the kings of yore built moats around their castles to protect themselves from their enemies, & we spend billions today on protecting ourselves in our homes, offices & elsewhere. If our homes are not secure, even if have everything in life, a good night’s sleep may not be possible. So protecting our homes is very vital to every one of us. Selecting the most cost effective security system giving us optimum security, is very important.

We sell and install security systems.

The most basic protection we have is a lock & a key, but is this enough to protect our home from others who want to grab viciously what you have earned over the years in one moment of carelessness from us & madness from them. God forbid if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, we or our loved ones may even have to sacrifice our lives in the ensuing situation. A very good recent example is the case of that innocent 87 years old woman Mrs. Anne Redman. Leaving our security to chance is another frequent mistake we unknowingly do, & when we realize, it may be too late. It would be like the old adage “locking the stable doors after the horses have bolted”. With the technology now available to us at affordable costs, it would be better to be safe than be sorry later. Though Adelaide is considered the safest capital city among other state capitals, the crimes recorded over the last few years show an alarming increase. We may be the next victim of this vicious cycle of crime, if we are not ready for the inevitable when it happens.

Locks and keys are the basics of all.

After the much publicized murder of Mrs. Anne Redman in the Adelaide suburb of Seacliff, police have advised all residents to take positive steps to improve their security, in their homes. This unfortunate incident has sparked a new wave of security consciousness among residents of Adelaide. The murder of Mrs. Anne Redman could have been averted if proper security considerations were in place at her home. Since her death Locksmith Adelaide, has provided home owners at Seacliff & its environs security solutions to suit each one’s requirement, & necessity. We have installed ETSA lock, sensor lighting & security screen doors for most of them, which meets with most of their security needs. There is no second chance, we need security to live a peaceful life & finding the most reliable, trustworthy, experienced & qualified security specialists is very important. Home, commercial, & automotive security are very specialized areas now, & affordable by all.

Ultimate security from Australian locksmith Adelaide

We at Locksmith Adelaide, are committed to provide the ultimate security & locksmith services for the South Australian community, with the most sophisticated technologies presently available, at an affordable price. We team up with many leading names in the security business, from all corners of the World. Most of our partners are well known household names, & all of them have built very high reputations to uphold. Locksmith Adelaide are today in the forefront of providing state of the art security solutions to a wide cross section of South Australia’s government, commercial entities & private homes as well. Billions of Dollars are spent today, by all the leading companies for Research & Development of all security related applications & appliances. These applications & appliances are continuously being upgraded & improved for better performance & reliability. Some of these companies specialize in specific areas, to further develop their products. Some areas are the normal locks & keys, safes, access security, & automotive security to name just a few.

Locksmith Adelaide holds a professional accreditation certificates

With a very wide range of solutions to meet any security requirement, & with the required experience to provide them at an affordable price is what we at Locksmith Adelaide have striven to accomplish over the years. We have earned a reputation in the security market place for reliability, commitment, & trustworthiness. We have upheld a very high standard in workmanship & after sales service maintenance. Companies in the security business need to have proper accreditation & necessary approvals from the relevant authorities, which is a very important criteria prior to engaging in any security related matters. Obtaining these approvals, the companies must satisfy authorities that there are none in their employment who have criminal records, or even those considered as security risks by the Police. It is only after they satisfy all these considerations that they will be approved to be in the security business. When we employ any company to attend to any security matters in our homes, offices or elsewhere they are obliged to prominently display the accreditation they carry on their vehicles & personnel. This is a very important aspect they have to follow when they are in your premises.

Locksmith Adelaide work with Local to federal governments

Locksmith Adelaide, have obtained all the necessary accreditation & are the leaders in the security business in Adelaide. We are specialized in handling low cost & sophisticated security applications for any of our customer’s requirements, be it government, state, private homes, commercial offices, & automotives. Locksmith Adelaide, have carried out & commissioned many state of the art security applications for the Federal & State Governments. Our reputation with these two very important customers of our’s, has been further cemented by the repeat orders that they have placed with us. The confidence placed on us by them, is a feather in our cap. We appreciate the confidence placed on us & would always strive to keep this strong relationship growing. With the CBD & the Greater Metropolitan area of Adelaide well covered by our many service vehicles, we are able to provide prompt & satisfactory on the spot solutions at any time of the day. With a twenty four hour, seven day (24×7), service initiative, Locksmith Adelaide would be with you when you want us, anywhere, anytime. We are just a phone call away. If you find yourself locked out of your car, with your keys either lost, misplaced or stolen, Locksmith Adelaide, is the people you have to call. We will promptly be with you to ease your anxiety & help to get you back on wheels in double quick time. We have blank keys for all. If you want a spare set of keys or new locks & keys for your automobile, whether it is a new model or a older we have thousands of blank keys to meet whatever your requirement is. We will supply, cut & program keys to suit any make or model of automobile. We specialize in recoding cay keys, & even if necessary repair them as per our customer’s requirements. We help owners & drivers by resetting the ECU, in their cars & are trained to carry out repairs or replacements of transponder keys in their cars. Transponder keys were introduced by car manufacturers in the late 1990’s, as a deterrent against the rising incidence of car thefts, all over the World. This very simple but sophisticated ignition system, prevents forcible & unauthorized starting of the car. The transponder key is a very ingenious ignition system, when the key is inserted into the ignition chamber, the computer inboard reads the signal from the inserted key & relays it to the ignition chamber to permit starting of the car. If the wrong key or any other device is inserted into the ignition chamber the car will not start, & in some makes & models the car would be immobilized. Reprograming transponders services by our professionals. It would not start after that, even if you insert the correct key thereafter. In an instance like this the transponder key has to be reprogrammed, & we at Locksmith Adelaide are qualified, experienced & have the legal authority once we have the owner’s permission to reprogram the transponder key. With modern technology being developed, criminals too have upped their knowhow on tampering with locks which is evident with the rising incidences of burglary. With criminals using a new technique called “lock bumping”, where they open conventional locks by inserting a key half way through, applying subtle rotational pressure & using a screwdriver or similar tool to give the lock a jolt, which lifts the spring loaded pins then returns them back to the original position. This does not leave any trace of being tampered which has created a major problem between owners & insurance companies, where the locks show no forcible entry into the premises. We at Locksmith Adelaide are experienced to defeat the criminals by installing “Kinetic Defense Technology” into 5 or 6 pin tumbler mechanisms

Install, service and maintain your security.

We at Locksmith Adelaide, install, service & maintain the most ultra modern electronically superlative home, office & commercial security systems. Our digital access control system gives you unprecedented overall information at your finger tips of all those who are in & out of your premises. You are able to segregate areas in our premises with access to those areas only to authorized personnel. Sensitive areas in your premises can be so defined, & you can monitor every activity where ever you are. The possibilities in supervision of your premises by installing this system are limitless. You place your needs with us, & we at Locksmith Adelaide will adapt the system to suit your requirements. A security system as per your needs is just a phone call away. With our no strings attached & no obligations quotation you have no cost to incur. If you place your order with us we will carry out all works as per our written quotation, & to your utmost satisfaction. We have provided security solutions for many & command a very high reputation in the locking market place. We at Locksmith Adelaide, carry stocks of most lock related hardware, & accessories, be it garage door systems, general locks, key restricted master key systems, CCTV & related accessories, deadlocks, window locks, most models of ordinary & advanced padlocks, chain locks, & safes of most reputed brands. You need a solution for your locking problem, just call us & we will find a solution for you at an affordable price too. With the vast array of locking devices available in the market, selecting the most beneficial & suitable item or system will be to your advantage, & we are there to help you make the right decision. No obligation quotes, no strings attached. With a CCTV system installed in your premises, in the very unfortunate situation if you have a break in, it would help the law enforcing authorities to apprehend the culprits faster. CCTV has helped law enforcing authorities to bring many criminals to book. Installing a CCTV as most would think is not a very expensive system, we could design one to your minimum requirement, at an affordable price. So try us out, give us a call & let us put your doubts about a CCTV system at rest, with our no strings attached & no obligation quotation. We also carry with us thousands of “Key authorization letters” of individual restricted key systems. We are able to identify the restricted key system installed for you by the allocated registration number with you. By providing us your registration number, which would generally be alphanumeric, we will be able to give you replacements or upgrades as & when you wish. These will not be processed over the phone but on production of an authorized letter only. We are geared to find a solution for all your locking requirements & problems, we at Locksmiths Adelaide is at your beck & call anytime & anywhere. So call us & we will be happy to serve you & the South Australian community.